Hello, I'm 
Katie Bruce. 
Fascinated by synchronous moments, ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​I capture them on 35mm film. With the Pentax K1000 my father gave me over 25 years ago, I combine multiple exposures to create otherworldly forms and scenes. 
After the film is developed, I look for images which have for what I term synchronous imagery. It's when the multiple exposures align harmoniously and even though it doesn't exist in our waking reality we connect to it viscerally.
The Magic is in the Process.
My photographs are the beginning of my creative process. They inspire me to paint them photo-realistically, which means I use my photographs as a references to create paintings. 
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You are most welcomed to visit my virtual atelier and see my paintings via my newsletter. 
I send out just a handful of emails per year sharing my new paintings, videos showing the process, and the story of how I made them. I would love for you to join!